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Win a MacBook Pro 2013. Giveaway courtesy of Boundbytech.

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Want to win a free MacBook Pro 2013? Here's your chance. Boundbytech is generous enough to be giving away aMacBook Pro 2013 13" Retina display to one lucky person. The giveaway will be open until Oct. 7, 2013. Don't miss it. Who knows, you might be the lucky winner. Click on the following link to enter -

This is my entry as to why I should win their MacBook Pro giveaway:
I've never had a MacBook Pro before, nor owned any Mac products or PC laptops before. But since I love watching unboxings and reviews about it, it made me wonder how it would feel to actually have one those, which in this case, I am very impressed by what's inside the MacBook Pro aside from the very sleek and simple physical body of the laptop. To be specific, aside from the Retina display going on in the 13" screen, which seems to be the perfect portable-sized laptop, I love the fact that it has a 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 with a Turbo Boost than can overclock it up to 3.6GHz, along with the big hard drive space and HD graphics, and standard 8 hours battery life. If I do win this giveaway, I would gets a full hands-on with this since I love using computers, and if I get the chance, I'd use it everyday for 24/7 since that's how much I love computers. I would also do a quick unboxing and first impressions review article on this in my blog, as well as probably a full review, especially giving credits to your site and the stuff for giving this giveaway and making it possible for me to finally own my first ever laptop.

Good luck to everyone!

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